Blockchain Application in Entertainment and Music Industry

Blockchain is poised to change the status quo of the entertainment industry. The first challenge that artists in this industry face is the Label problem. In the current scenario, it is very difficult for an […]

Blockchain Application in Digital Advertisement and Marketing

Some of the biggest challenges that digital advertising industry face includes fraud, lack of transparency and outdated payment processes. Advertisers are constantly worried about the usage of their money by the ad agencies as the […]

Blockchain Application in Combating Fake News

Reading and watching news has always been an important way to educate ourselves about the world. The news agencies provide us with crucial information through newspapers, magazines, online blogs, social media and broadcast media. But […]

Blockchain Use Cases in Journalism

blockchain use case in media and journalism

When mapping the field of blockchain and journalism, there are present six main areas that can either directly or indirectly utilize blockchain for journalism. Combating fake news and disinformation Creating an ecosystem or mechanism that […]