Blockchain Application in Utility Services

Most of you might have faced this situation at least once in your life when you see a much higher figure on the utility bill than what you have expected. It can be a mistake […]

Blockchain and IoT in Logistics

In any supply chain, managing the transportation of products is a challenging task. Sometimes materials are improperly shipped, which can result in sensitive products getting damaged. The success of any logistics company lies in the […]

Blockchain and IOT in Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions lead to change in the environment, which results in serious health consequences for us. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency carbon emissions in the form of carbon dioxide make up more than […]

Blockchain and IoT for Smart Homes

Wouldn’t you like a smart coffee maker that prepares the perfect coffee for you as soon as you wake up or a microwave that can differentiate between a perfectly cooked pizza from a burnt pizza […]