Blockchain Usage in Human Resource Management Divison

blockchain for human resource

Say you’re facing a new strategic initiative and you need to find specialized talent fast. They need to be onboarded and given access to resources quickly without compromising security. What if you could easily indirectly […]

Supply Chain & Provenance Using Blockchain Technology

In 2015, diners at a US-based fast food restaurant contracted an E. coliinfection. Despite independent reviews by state and federal regulatory officers as well as detailed independent investigation by various investigating agencies the company filed […]

Blockchain Application in Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is growing tremendously with an increased number of passengers preferring it over other modes of transport due to the introduction of low-cost carriers. And to fulfil this rising demand new aircrafts are […]

Usage of Blockchain in Sharing Economy

Imagine if instead of paying for a car in full yourself and leaving it parked for more than 80% of the day you can buy a car by paying only a part of it and […]

Blockchain Application in Entertainment and Music Industry

Blockchain is poised to change the status quo of the entertainment industry. The first challenge that artists in this industry face is the Label problem. In the current scenario, it is very difficult for an […]

Blockchain Use Case in Power & Electricity Industry

Power is another very crucial field that Blockchain will disrupt. Basically it will change the way how power is stored, distributed and traded. Let’s understand the implications of marrying blockchain with power industry. Blockchain technology […]

Blockchain Use Cases in Fishing Industry

The fishing industry has always been an industry that has been labeled as corrupt, an industry that follows unsustainable practices and is involved in human rights violations. Overfishing has been cited as a major culprit […]

The Use Case of Blockchain Technology in Identity Management

In today‚Äôs digital era, we can accomplish a lot of our daily tasks with a few taps and clicks on our mobiles, tablets and laptops. Everywhere we transact we are required to prove our identity […]

How To Use Blockchain Technology To Help Farmers

Since the advent of agriculture, farmers have confronted unpredictable weather conditions. And there are times when their crops get destroyed because of natural calamities and they are left with no source of income. This sometimes […]

How Can International Trade Sector Uses Blockchain Technology

When it comes to international shipments or international trade, there are various steps and documentation stages that need to be completed for a trade to be successful. To give you a clear picture of how […]