Beginner Guide To Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

decentralized finance

What is DeFi? Can I use it to earn interest on my Cryptocurrency holdings, is it risky and will it really change the future of Finance as we know it? Today’s topic is Decentralized, Finance […]

Blockchain Application in Telecom Industry

Telecom plays a critical role in every aspect of our life. It affects every quadrant of our life the way how we manage our business, the way we manage our day to day activities, the […]


ecentralization is not a new concept. It has long been used in the areas ofstrategy, management, and governance. The basic idea of decentralization is to extend control and authority over the periphery, rather than giving […]

Cryptography in The Blockchain

Cryptography is the most important component of blockchain. It is certainly a research field in itself and is based on advanced mathematical techniques that are quite complex to understand. We will try to develop a solid understanding of […]

Blockchain Application in Poultry Industry

Egg consumption is increasing day by day because it is inexpensive, easy to process and is rich source of protein. Consequently, growth in the poultry farming can also be observed because of this increased demand […]

Blockchain Application in Wine Industry

Wine counterfeiting is one of the major challenges faced by wine industry and fake wine market amounts to 15 billion USD worldwide. There are various ways by which fake wine is introduced into the market […]

Blockchain Application in Customs Declaration

Any cross-border trade involves a large number of stakeholders including producers, logistic companies and distributors, through whom vast amounts of goods and wealth travel. Further cross border trading also involves many legal formalities like contracts, […]

Blockchain Application in Aiding Refugees

Blockchain technology has a great potential in helping refugees as well. Many refugees, who are forced to abandon their homes and countries don’t carry and doesn’t have access to important documents like birth and medical […]

Blockchain Application in Swarm Robotics

There are many upcoming streams that are changing the technology landscape and robotics is one of them. Robotics has been even referred to as the next technological revolution by many of the industry experts. Robotics […]