Blockchain in Finance

In the digital age, how business gets done is speeding up. Legal, financial, and other transactions that typically take days or weeks to complete are now occurring in hours or even minutes using a technology […]

What is Oracle in The Blockchain

Oracles are an important component of the smart contract ecosystem. The limitation with smart contracts is that they cannot access external data, which might be required to control the execution of the business logic; for […]

Blockchain Technology : The Benefits and limitations of blockchain

Numerous advantages of blockchain technology have been discussed in many industries and proposed by thought leaders around the world who are participating in the blockchain space. The notable benefits of blockchain technology are as follows: […]

The Application of Blockchain Technology in Diamond and Gold Industry

Diamonds represent beauty, love and luxury. That diamond ring you gifted your spouse on your anniversary. Do you know about its origin? There are very high chances that you don’t. But you should understand that […]

Blockchain Application in IoT Data Marketplace

Today, IoT devices are generating a massive amount of data. Simultaneously, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are getting integrated everywhere around us, making services and products more smarter and personalized. And one thing that […]

Blockchain Application in Clinical Trials

Behind every new drug discovery, there are enormous number of researchers who conduct clinical trials and enormous number of people who volunteered to be a part of these clinical trials to prove the safety and […]

Why Supply Chain Needs Blockchain Technology

Although blockchain technology can hardly be considered a familiar tool atthis point, Abraham Kaplan’s law of the instrument (Kaplan, 1964) alreadyseems to apply. ‘Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything […]

The Limitation of Blockchain

blockchain limitation speed

The issue of scalability and the need for incentives Blockchain, in the form that it exists, is not scalable because it is constrained by the available computational power of the network, which means that it […]

Blockchain in Supply Chain

blockchain supply chain

Blockchain was born at the peak of the 2008 financial crisis when an anonymous person or a group of individuals using the name Satoshi Nakamoto drafted a paper creating a protocol for a digital cryptocurrency […]

Alternative uses of blockchain technology

The interest in blockchain technology and in its applications is constantly increasing. Many banks have already started exploring the options offered by this technology, while several public organizations are already looking at the advantages of […]