How Education Sector Apply Blockchain Technology

Education is an amazing tool which can be used to change the world and facilitate one’s purpose in life. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize this field. The biggest advantage of blockchain in education is storing the education credentials in digital form it in a safe and secure way.

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In the traditional education system, all the education qualification certificates including school certificates, higher education certificates and other skills certificates are kept on the paper. Having all of these documents on paper poses many challenges.

Imagine a scenario where your file containing all of these certificates gets lost or gets stolen. In such a scenario, first risk that you may face is of unauthorised use of your documents and second biggest challenge will be to run from one department to another department to get another copy of your documents. Won’t it be be great if you can store your documents online in a safe and secure manner.

Blockchain can provide that solution to the education sector. Storing documents on blockchain will also minimize the cost of paper and printing. Once these documents are stored on the blockchain, they can never be lost and it will be impossible to change or falsify these documents. Getting proper education is obligatory for obtaining a job. Each employer has its specific qualification criteria for each job that they float into the market.

As a job candidate, you have to show your credentials and certificates to prove your qualification. And these days frauds and forgery of education credentials to match one’s qualifications are on rise. These cases of frauds and forgeries can easily be mitigated with the help of Blockchain technology as the data stored on the Blockchain is immutable and can easily be verified. Further, these education credentials present on the distributed ledger can be easily shared with the employers.

The employers can then easily verify the education qualification of a candidate before hiring him or even before considering him for an interview. Blockchain technology can revolutionize the whole education system. Today students not only receive education in formal settings of schools and university lecture halls but the informal education settings have been widely adopted by the student community. There are plethora of online courses, workshops, conferences, boot camps and a lot more to enhance one’s skills.

All of this online learning data can be safely secured on the blockchain network. The most important benefit of implementing Blockchain in such an informal setting is easy accreditation of the acquired skills which can then conveniently be shown to the employer or the relevant organisation to reap its benefits.

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