How Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Lending can Beat Centralized Finance

DeFi VS CeFi Lending

The current status-quo in a centralized environment is to set fixed rates and earn the difference. For example, if the interest rate for investors is set at 4%, and 10% for borrowers, a bank absorbs […]

What it Decentralized Exchange And How It Works

curve finance

I’ve always been fascinated by Decentralized exchanges, was this Centralized exchange you can buy, sell, borrow Lend Token in a Decentralized way without any middlemen all going through a smart contract. Most of the popular […]

Uniswap Decentralized Exchange Guide and How To

Today, we’re talking uniswap, how to use it, what it is, what the risks are, how to navigate that ecosystem. Anything that you do in trading is risky. And a lot of these Dex’s where […]

Decentralized Exchange Comparison : Uniswap, Curve Finance, Balancer

Something that’s so liberating about Decentralized Finance is that we can exchange Cryptocurrency in a completely Decentralized way. No need for exchanges, no need for custody, no need to trust. But despite the DeFi space […]

What is Synthetix DeFi ?


Synthetix is one of the most hyped DeFi projects in the Crypto universe right now, with a market cap exploding from just under 10 million dollars in mid twenty nineteen to around two hundred million […]

Yield Farming – Liquidity Mining

While the yield farming frenzy has drawn some resemblances with the ICO craze of 2017, it’s important to note the striking differences. Instead of selling wild dreams in a white paper to disperse tokens, protocols […]

What is DeFi (Decentralized Finance) : Layer by Layer

Wallet Decentralized Finance

Two billion dollars have now been locked in, you remember? Not that long. We were freaking out when one billion was locked in. Right now it is two billion and compound right now is dominating […]