Blockchain Application in Birth and Marriage Certificate Registration

Obtaining birth certificate in today’s scenario is a tedious task as it involves a lot of paperwork. In the current scenario, obtaining birth certificate may take days and sometimes even weeks.

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But with blockchain technology obtaining digital birth certificate will be much easier. Though putting sensitive information like birth certificate online can also lead to the risk of identity theft. But with blockchain technology the information can be stored in a safe, secure and immutable manner.

Let’s understand how blockchain would work for birth certificates: Parents or doctors would log the birth date and birth time of the child on the blockchain. The government agencies would verify this registered birth information on the blockchain and then cryptographically sign this data related to a person’s name, date of birth, blood group and other mentioned details on the ledger. This whole information will be stored on a tamper proof digital ledger that can be accessed only with the permission of a legal guardian until the child becomes a legal adult.

To understand its real life implications, let’s take the case of refugees. The refugees have to face a disastrous situation as they are unable to get their birth certificates because of which they are devoid of many facilities in their asylum country. Through Blockchain technology refugees can easily prove their identity and can avail the opportunity to continue higher education or can do jobs in the asylum country. By implementing Blockchain people would be able to prove their identity without the hassle of unnecessary bureaucracy and undergoing time consuming paperwork.

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Blockchain platform can even be used to store marriage certificates. Marriage certificates are the documents issued to couples to legally recognise their marriage. The marriage registration is a tedious task as well. The couple has to file marriage certificate in the government office by showing their identity proofs and producing witnesses of their marriage. The whole process of issuing marriage certificate takes several weeks. Due to the paper based work, there is a substantial risk of fraud and forgery of the documents.

But the blockchain technology has the potential to address these issues by acting as a decentralised and transparent global marriage registry portal. To register a marriage on blockchain, the officer would check and verify all the documents submitted to him. Once this is done, the officer would then proceed to enter the data into the blockchain. Each marriage registration
will be given a unique hash. This technology can even help to create immutable marriage certificates on blockchain without relying on government organisations to keep a record of these marriages and their corresponding certificates.

The information required for creating a marriage certificate or contract on blockchain is as following: Couple’s name, their identity proof, address, contact no, Marriage vows that couple has taken. This process of registering marriage on blockchain will decrease the fraud cases and will make it much easier the new couple to get their marriage registered.

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