Blockchain in Operations and Procurement

blockchain in procurement and fulfillment

Enterprise resource planning software or ERP helped us integrate cross-departmental processes. Blockchains will help us integrate and streamline cross-organizational processes. They’re poised to transform the way that we move value from one organization to another […]

How Blockchain Help You Distinguish Real From Fake

how blockchain real or fake

We’re living in a trust crisis. Blockchains offer hope. Technology has made it easier to commit forgery, make fakes, or impersonate others. And it’s become really hard for all of us to know what’s real […]

Blockchain Usage Across Industries

blockchain benefit in diverse industry

For the last few years, I’ve been talking to audiences about the future impact of blockchains, and sometimes in those talks, we play name that industry. So someone throws out an industry and I share […]

Blockchain Application in Telecom Industry

Telecom plays a critical role in every aspect of our life. It affects every quadrant of our life the way how we manage our business, the way we manage our day to day activities, the […]

Blockchain Application in Poultry Industry

Egg consumption is increasing day by day because it is inexpensive, easy to process and is rich source of protein. Consequently, growth in the poultry farming can also be observed because of this increased demand […]

How Charity Organization Can Use Blockchain Technology

Charity and non-profit sector are always surrounded by dark clouds of corruption and inefficiency. The environment of mistrust and opaqueness, has impacted the faith of people on these charities and nonprofit organisations. And in turn, […]

Blockchain Application in Vehicle Registration

The process of vehicle registration has always been an arduous and time-consuming task. There are various stakeholders involved from buying of a vehicle till the final registration is done. In the current scenario, When you […]

Blockchain Application in Human Resource

Another important domain, blockchain is going to disrupt is Human Resource Management. Employees being the crucial bearers of technology, knowledge and service, represent the core component of any enterprise. Nothing can substitute the significance of […]

Blockchain Application in Sports Industry

Budding athletes face a lot of hurdles when it comes to funding their training and participating in sporting events across the world. Basic requirements such as sports equipments, cost of registration in tournaments and travel […]