How Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Lending can Beat Centralized Finance

DeFi VS CeFi Lending

The current status-quo in a centralized environment is to set fixed rates and earn the difference. For example, if the interest rate for investors is set at 4%, and 10% for borrowers, a bank absorbs […]

Blockchain in Operations and Procurement

blockchain in procurement and fulfillment

Enterprise resource planning software or ERP helped us integrate cross-departmental processes. Blockchains will help us integrate and streamline cross-organizational processes. They’re poised to transform the way that we move value from one organization to another […]

How Blockchain Help You Distinguish Real From Fake

how blockchain real or fake

We’re living in a trust crisis. Blockchains offer hope. Technology has made it easier to commit forgery, make fakes, or impersonate others. And it’s become really hard for all of us to know what’s real […]

Blockchain Usage Across Industries

blockchain benefit in diverse industry

For the last few years, I’ve been talking to audiences about the future impact of blockchains, and sometimes in those talks, we play name that industry. So someone throws out an industry and I share […]

Blockchain in Finance

decentralized finance

In September of 2008, Lehman Brothers, a well-established global financial services firm filed for bankruptcy, and over the next five years lawyers, accountants, and consultants from over 30 firms racked up more than $2.2 billion […]

Blockchain Usage in Human Resource Management Divison

blockchain for human resource

Say you’re facing a new strategic initiative and you need to find specialized talent fast. They need to be onboarded and given access to resources quickly without compromising security. What if you could easily indirectly […]

How Will Blockchain Change What A Customer Expects

blockchain and middleman

Our world has become digital-centric and the companies that know how to use technology to give their customers better products and experiences are increasingly the most successful. Look at how technology transformed who wins in […]

What is Table in Vexanium Blockchain Programming

tables in blockchain programming

One of the most important aspects of programming your smart contract is the way that we treat persistent storage, meaning storage that not only persist during the time of execution because, we can save variables […]

Beginner Guide To Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

decentralized finance

What is DeFi? Can I use it to earn interest on my Cryptocurrency holdings, is it risky and will it really change the future of Finance as we know it? Today’s topic is Decentralized, Finance […]

What it Decentralized Exchange And How It Works

curve finance

I’ve always been fascinated by Decentralized exchanges, was this Centralized exchange you can buy, sell, borrow Lend Token in a Decentralized way without any middlemen all going through a smart contract. Most of the popular […]